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Thermal Imaging

Electrical thermal imaging is a preventative maintenance procedure in which a specialised infrared camera is used to measure heat caused by resistance in electrical components and connections. These can include components of electrical & mechanical switchboards and infrastructure.

About 85% of all electrical hazards are not visible to the naked eye. Unbalanced loads, high resistive joints/loose connections, overload and high neutral/phase current are all examples of hazards which can be picked up by our testing process, which would otherwise go unseen resulting in potential catastrophic consequences.
Thermal imaging is a completely safe, non-destructive procedure that will not interfere with power supplies and is undertaken when is equipment is used at normal load capacity. By doing so, our technicians can monitor the thermal patterns to detect temperature fluctuations caused by possible faults within the equipment

Generally, thermal imaging of electrical equipment is required to be carried out annually. Our technicians will assess and recommend if the process should be carried out more frequently depending on various factors including environmental conditions and equipment more prone to faster wear and tear.
A full detailed report of your thermal imaging results will be provided upon completion including advice on remedial works if required.