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Emergency & Exit Lights

In the event of a power failure/outage, workplaces must have emergency lighting installed in order to allow staff and clients to find/follow safe paths to exit points during emergencies. Employers failing to comply with the guidelines outlined in AS2293 can land their business with significant penalties. As well as identifying if a building has sufficient emergency and exit lighting, Midland test and tag will also conduct a test on those that are installed.

Our experienced, licensed electricians at Midland test and tag are specialists in the compliance of emergency and exit lighting. As per Australian standard AS2293.1 every 6 months, a 90-minute test is to be carried out on your emergency and exit lights.
The test procedure involves the disconnection of mains power to each fitting (usually by way of means of an emergency lighting switch). This ensures that the battery backup supply of the unit is tested for the full 90 minutes.

Upon completion of our testing, a detailed test report is completed and provided for your records. Any faulty lamps or fittings which fail the test will be replaced in order to become compliant.